What We Offer

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  • Guest Speaking
  • One-on-One Nutrition Counseling (onsite)
  • Group Nutrition Counseling (onsite)
  • Interactive Classes (Cooking, Mindful Eating, Hands-On Skills Training)
  • Parent education
  • Student garden/ farm to table programs
  • Mobile health management tools
  • Content for newsletters
  • Education materials
  • Wellness policy development
  • Developing and implementing comprehensive wellness programs
  • Fuel™, Our Signature Wellness Program
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Wellness Programs

In addition to nutrition counseling and groups, Metrowest Nutrition provides cost-effective, individualized wellness packages that provide remote support, focused goal setting, hands-on skill building, convenient health education tools and accountability. These packages are perfect for the self-motivated individual who may not have time to come into the office but would like some guidance and support around his/her wellness goals. These packages can be used on their own and are also a beneficial addition to our office-based services. Learn more about how FUEL™ can help you make lasting lifestyle changes here.