FUEL™ for Schools

complete ∙ collaborative ∙ fun ∙ results driven

  • Fuel is complete. A comprehensive wellness program embracing all components of wellbeing, fuel provides unlimited access to remote support and onsite activities and individualizes services to your organization. Led by a qualified registered dietitian and wellness expert, individuals develop a personal relationship with their behavioral counselor who provides motivation, education, accountability and support throughout the program.
  • Fuel is collaborative. Fuel integrates your organization’s wellness initiatives into an inclusive model unifying dining service, occupational health and wellness employees.
  • Fuel is fun. Fun is a critical element to keep people engaged and motivated. Fuel offers healthy competition, hands on activities, social connection and team building to provide an anecdote to boredom and mundane routine.
  • Fuel gets results. Regular biometric screenings measure outcomes and further motivate participants towards positive behavior change. Competition, visibility and rewards make the program successful.

The Program Includes:

  • A Registered Dietitian to manage the program
  • 1:1 nutrition counseling
  • Access to mobile nutrition application
  • Online community
  • Education materials
  • Quarterly biometric screening and analysis
  • Regular wellness seminars
  • Signage and promotion
  • Wellness committee organization
  • Collaboration with dining services and wellness personnel
  • Fitness groups (yoga, running, etc.)
  • Nutrition groups (mindful eating, weight management)
  • Competition and rewards to drive engagement

To learn more about Fuel™ or for a quote, please contact Amy Gardner at 617-332-2282x1

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Wellness Programs

In addition to nutrition counseling and groups, Metrowest Nutrition provides cost-effective, individualized wellness packages that provide remote support, focused goal setting, hands-on skill building, convenient health education tools and accountability. These packages are perfect for the self-motivated individual who may not have time to come into the office but would like some guidance and support around his/her wellness goals. These packages can be used on their own and are also a beneficial addition to our office-based services. Learn more about how FUEL™ can help you make lasting lifestyle changes here.