Metrowest Nutrition offers innovative school wellness programs to fit your needs and budget.

Metrowest Nutrition collaborates with local public and independent schools to help improve targeted nutrition and lifestyle behaviors within the community. Our registered dietitians develop individualized programs are creative, comprehensive, effective and of course, fun! Whether you are looking for a few seminars or a whole culture shift, we can work with you.

Interactive student workshops (cooking, food play, tasting panels, student garden)                   Wellness policy writing/ grant writing                                                                                                                    Staff training                                                                                                                                                                 Health education (guest speaking, teacher consultation)                                                                Parent workshops                                                                                                                                                         Interactive mobile nutrition and fitness application                                                                                     On-site nutrition counseling                                              

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Wellness Programs

In addition to nutrition counseling and groups, Metrowest Nutrition provides cost-effective, individualized wellness packages that provide remote support, focused goal setting, hands-on skill building, convenient health education tools and accountability. These packages are perfect for the self-motivated individual who may not have time to come into the office but would like some guidance and support around his/her wellness goals. These packages can be used on their own and are also a beneficial addition to our office-based services. Learn more about how FUEL™ can help you make lasting lifestyle changes here.