Metrowest Nutrition is your source for navigating nutrition and wellbeing in today's world.

Metrowest Nutrition is a group of compassionate and dynamic registered dietitians committed to helping individuals, families and organizations throughout the Metro West and Greater Boston area reach optimum health and wellness. Metrowest Nutrition has offices in Newton Center, Framingham and Westborough. Each clinician in the practice specializes in an area of focus that they feel passionate about, allowing this team of clinicians to provide unsurpassed clinical care across a wide range of health needs. The primary specialties are pediatrics, wellness, eating disorders, nutrition for disease management (diabetes, cardiac, gastrointestinal) and nutrition for autism and ADHD including sensory-based feeding issues. Metrowest Nutrition promotes a mindfulness-based, non-diet approach and personalize strategies to meet their clients' individual goals and lifestyles. Through a thoughtful, collaborative and holistic style, they are able to provide a supportive environment for change. Contact us to get started on a healthier you today!

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Wellness Programs

In addition to nutrition counseling and groups, Metrowest Nutrition provides cost-effective, individualized wellness packages that provide remote support, focused goal setting, hands-on skill building, convenient health education tools and accountability. These packages are perfect for the self-motivated individual who may not have time to come into the office but would like some guidance and support around his/her wellness goals. These packages can be used on their own and are also a beneficial addition to our office-based services. Learn more about how FUEL™ can help you make lasting lifestyle changes here.