Seminar Topics

Our most popular seminars:

Interactive Cooking Classes

Setting Up Your Kitchen for Success

The Benefits of Eating Locally

Current Diet Trends - The Science Behind Them

Managing Holiday Stress

Holiday Eating 101

Keeping Vegetable Intake Up Through the Winter

Managing Your Picky Eater

Making and Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

Mindful Eating

Food and Mood

The Principles of Metabolism

Healthy Eating in the Fast Lane

Getting To Know Your Microbiome

Nutrition for Cancer Survivorship

Weight Management Strategies

Nutrition for Sport

Post-Gastric Bypass Support

Diabetes Management

Nutrition for Management of ADHD and Autism

Fool-Proofing Your Grocery Shopping Strategy

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Wellness Programs

In addition to nutrition counseling and groups, Metrowest Nutrition provides cost-effective, individualized wellness packages that provide onsite nutrition counseling and exercise programming, remote support, focused goal setting, hands-on skill building, convenient health education tools and accountability.  Learn more about how FUEL™ can help your organization make lasting changes here.