NEW! The Truth About Macros (Carbs, Protein and Fat)

Date: 09-Sep-2019


We hear a lot about macros these days. Often times, one or more of them (carbs, fats) is being demonized through popular diet trends. In this 6-week group, participants will explore these three major nutrients from a scientific, evidence-based angle. Anne will discuss everything from food sources of these nutrients, to how the body breaks them down and uses them, to how they can be misportrayed by the food media. Participants will leave with a better understanding of the importance of all these nutrients and gain confidence navigating food choices while becoming a sleuth at detecting false nutrition claims.

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NEW Groups Starting in September!

Groups starting soon!  Intuitive Eating and NEW! The Truth About Macros will be offered in Newton and Virtually starting the week of September 9th.  Contact us for more information or sign up on our Events page.