Intuitive Eating Group - Virtual Tuesday Lunch

Date: 10-Sep-2019


8-week Intuitive Eating group led by registered dietitian, Nikki Vance, MS, RD starting Tuesday,  September 10th.

Learn about this empowering paradigm and receive support as you explore Intuitive Eating concepts with other group members.  The group will work through the book by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, using group discussion to dive deeper into the concepts presented.  Group activities and workbook will enhance the learning experience. Additional resources and support may be offered through a private online group if the group desires. Register soon to secure your spot.  Group will meet virtually the week of 9/09 through 10/21 skipping 10/14 (Columbus Day) from 12 to 1pm.  There is an option to continue meeting weekly after the initial 8 weeks if group decides to do so.  Contact for additional information.

Cost:  $60/week or $405 paid in full

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NEW Groups Starting in September!

Groups starting soon!  Intuitive Eating and NEW! The Truth About Macros will be offered in Newton and Virtually starting the week of September 9th.  Contact us for more information or sign up on our Events page.